Treatable Conditions

Osteopathy is able to help in almost any aspect of your life.  If you are however one of those people who needs a list of things that osteopathy can help with,

the following is not an exhaustive one.  If in doubt, call the osteopath.  He'll tell you what can and can't be done for your individual problems.

    •    Spinal problems and back pain including scoliosis, disc injuries and sciatica
    •    Neck pain including whiplash injuries and 'trapped nerves'
    •    Sport related injuries
    •    Arthritis or 'wear and tear' in joints (alleviating symptoms not reversing the condition)
    •    Rib pain
    •    Shoulder complaints e.g. frozen shoulder and tendonitis
    •    Arm and hand pain e.g. tennis elbow, R.S.I. and carpal tunnel syndrome
    •    Hip and knee problems
    •    Foot and ankle problems
    •    Headaches
    •    Muscle strains and ligament sprains
    •    Sinusitis and jaw dysfunction
    •    Spinal and pelvic changes during and after pregnancy
    •    Digestion problems and irritable bowel syndrome
    •    Fibromyalgia
    •    Postural work strain
    •    Circulatory Problems