Rather than tell you how much Osteopathy can do for you, I'm going to let some of my patients speak for me.

When I met Gavin,

I was seeing both a chiropractor and a massage therapist every week to keep my back pain of 7 years in check.  Needless to say I was fed up.  Almost immediately upon seeing him, I saw significant improvement and Gavin has since helped me through accidents, falls, and stress till I only needed to come in for occasional checkups.

His thoroughness and gentle but effective care continues to be of great benefit.  Even though I've recently moved to Edinburgh, I still travel back to Dundee so he can keep me in top form.
-----Mhairi, Edinburgh

I'd never hurt my back before and I did at the worst of times...  Christmas Eve.  Of course I had the whole family over for dinner and I was cooking so I couldn't be laid low.  I phoned Gavin and he saw me on the spot.  One treatment and I was ready for my Holiday Stress.  Highly recommended for his care and flexibility with appointments.
-----Patricia, Dundee

I went to Gavin with some neck pain.  He discovered that I'd fractured a vertebrae in my neck.  Although I didn't get the quick fix for my neck pain, thanks to Gavin, my serious condition got seen to quickly and safely.  Much Thanks,
-----Michael, Dundee

Although I'm in my more senior years, I've always liked to stay fit with my cycling.  This became impossible when I broke my hip and I despaired of never being able to get back to it until I found Gavin.  He helped me through all of my rehab with mobility and muscle strengthening until now I'm almost completely back in my stride.  He's so good I come back from the Middle East to see him.
-----Colin, Qatar