Craniosacral is a gentle method of treatment that shares many of the principles found in Osteopathy. 

It recognizes the inherent motility of your nervous system and works to remove any restrictions that would impede your nervous system from functioning properly.  This is done by applying pressure in various places of your cranium down your spine to your sacrum.  First to feel the dysfunction and then to remove it.

Patients may be surprised at how superficial the osteopath's touch is during treatment.  Patients may feel warmth, tingling, or a sensation of relaxation during treatment.  The osteopath is working deeply with the nervous system to bring about profound changes in your health.
Although considered more effective at treating small children and babies, Craniosacral is suitable for patients of all ages and may have a profound effect on a wide range of illnesses.  This is the technique most suited for patients looking for a gentle treatment.