About Gavin

Gavin believes:
-That being relaxed is a great way of avoiding stress.

He tries to keep to a schedule but he'll probably spend more time with you than allotted because he's more concerned about getting you better than having you come back for more visits and thus spend more money.  Note that his rates are lower than most osteopaths.  Gavin does NOT wish he was a businessman.

-That the more tools you have in your professional toolbox, the  better the way you treat will be.  For this reason, he learns about  every treatment modality he feels would benefit you.  While he  specializes in orthotics, he has seen patients from  all spectrums and uses all of his tools to tailor the safest and most  effective treatment possible for his patients.
-That the emotional and intellectual aspects of your life can have a huge effect on your physical health.  This is why he believes everyone should read.  It's like exercise for your brain.  Note, that Gavin runs a small library from his practice as a means of introducing people to good literature and stretching their brains.  Yes, Gavin reads way too much.

Gavin graduated from The College of Osteopaths in 2007 with a BSc (hons) Ost.  He has taken courses in Craniosacral, Naturopathy, and Orthotics with extensive time spent in clinic being taught these skills.  He has since worked closely with GP's, psychiatrists, and complementary healthcare providers in treating patients and expanding his body of knowledge and skills.

Patient Protection:
A Registered Osteopath will have undergone a demanding 4-6 year training involving in-depth study of anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, biomechanics and clinical methods, as well as extensive practical skills. Osteopathy is the first complementary healthcare profession to gain full statutory recognition under The Osteopaths Act (1993) which in turn led to the formation of the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and Register of Osteopaths. Only practitioners who have shown they are competent and safe to practice are allowed on the Register. This affords the general public the same level of protection as when visiting a GP or Dentist. In addition to this, to fulfill the GOsC’s registration criteria Osteopaths must undertake ongoing postgraduate studies.